Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yesterday, (30 Nov) woke up to find i still have no transport,and the cabs cudnt fetch us. Jaclyn fetched me. YAY! Thanks. ANd then everyone met up at McDonalds, and only Jaclyn, me, ming hui and yoon chee and hoong min were there and we went upstairs to eat. Then the others arrived, and i was there still eating my heavenly frech fries and ice cream. Yummy!! :) Then once veryone came, (michelle hadn't yet.)we went to buy our food before going into the cinema. The gals waited a bit longer for michelle before finally handing the resposibility to an innocent Indian person called MUnoRaj who handles the tickets at the entrance. He was to give michelle her ticket and allow her in. Then the gals sat down. ANd the boys wudnt budge until Boon finally kindly got up and made all da boys move. :D Then we sat and watched. And michelle came in somewhere later. The movie wasnt as i bad as i expected. Rather good in fact. but, DAME was it Cold!!!!! lol. Then we went our separate ways. The gals went to Secret Recipe where two ate dishes and the rest ate cakes. The guys went to play pool. After da gals finished, we went to watch da boys play pool. Looks like yahoo pool does ACTUALLY help a wee bit. Boon and ming hui were quite good!! hee hee. Then da gals still didnt know what to do. But then i had to leave at 4 so after final hugs and goodbyes i went in search of the North Court. I did have a fun time tho i cudnt stay long. All the gals looked so pwetty!! michelle as usual outdid herself and alison had a new hairstyle. Tze had a cute shirt and kay had cute shoes. Jac had a cute cute cute shirt and her cute face. kekeke..Me? boy. lol.I wonder what they are going to do later on..?? Sorry, jing tao!! too bad u had to go shanghai now. Sheesh. u can come to my housela, all of u. :) Pics of my bro. :D
the rest u go see at my blog lah. This is dame slow. sheesh.

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