Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday,, i went out to One u, with my mom and my two aunts and my lil bro, my big sis and my lil cuz.. No clothes shopping... Just grocery cos it was Jusco day or watever.. Like if ur a member u get a discount even on DISCOUNTED stuff.. It was good.. But someone ate the Chocolate Danish Loaf i bought!! Ive a feeling its my sneaky good for nothing maid. Sigh. I dont like her. Like Michelle doesnt like her maid. Anyway.. after that i went to their apartment, where i went swimming..And as i did backstroke across the empty swimming pool (cos no one was there!! YippeE! except for my aunts and sis and bros la) the clouds moving slowly across the grey turning into blue sky.. I saw two clouds that looked like dogs.. And then i saw two faint outlines of cloud squares in the sky. And then i saw a V line of birds swooping across the sky like jets.. And then i saw a cloud rabbit.. And then i saw a cloud goat.. And then i saw a cloud mountain..And then i hit my head on the edge of the swimming pool. Ouch.
My own painted picture due to the song Oh! Gravity by Switchfoot. :) not bad eh?

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