Sunday, November 19, 2006

ice kacang/ party/ missin school/trip to t.i

Life has been good to me, my comrades. Yes. im talking like chin peng. Snap outta it!!! Ok...*wheww*** ok.. well my party was a huge success (i hope) and im glas everyone came but sadly tze cudnt come.. sniff. And thnx mich!! I LOVE ur presenT!!! Thanks so much! After my party i immediately went to teluk intan (mh mother is from there i think) and i LOVED going back there,, and this time i had the whole squeaky queen sized bed to myself cos my sister didnt come and stayed over in my cuzzins house. I stayed up late watching tv. Oh yea! before tat i had enjoyed nature's TV!cos there was this piece of empty land, and it was late night,, and there was this lightning display!! Continous!! IT ROCKED and leaved me awed. And i dont have to tell u anything but that i ate ice kacang ABC di sana. Sedap!!!! What kind du u all like? i want mine with PLENTY of cin cau, corn, a bit of chendol, LOTS a nuts, and LOTSA pink tranparent balls!! yummy!!!!! I miss school too.i miss seeing all my frens. and its only been two days. i miss alison being crazy and pinching me until my cheeks hurt. I miss jing tao trying to take advantage of my pretty wife, mich, and chasing her around the class trying to **** her. I miss all the boys and their loud noises. i miss school. What can i say? And i just did something to my hair. Somethin all my frens has been bugging me to do. Just guess. And i dont fancy being a admin, its ok being watever i am now. And we shudnt be called GENIUSES . it sounds so COMMON. Why dont we change it to.. COUPSIES? or COUPSEES? it sounds chunter. lol.

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