Tuesday, November 21, 2006

hair issues

days ago...my problem...'to straighten or not to straighten' my hair i mean, but now my problem is gone n another problem pop out! finally i've straighten my hair today after mum forced me n said that my hair looked like a lion aka simba (lion n the king). it look ok but very very very flat! make my face look big only-flat hair+big round face= fatty girl! sob sob..just hope that my hair will become more puffy! and there is so much things to worry about!
1. can't tie my hair
2. can't clip my hair
3. can't wash my hair for 3 days
4. can't put my hair behind my ears which is sooooo irritating
5. i hv to sleep with my hair put in front!

this sux! but hv to be thxful to mum too cos it wasn't cheap! so, guess i need to be appreacitive.
anywayz, now even mum can't 'tahan' my maid! LOL...after i learn to accept all her weirdo-ness and silly-ness, mum went sooooooooooooo angry with her- description: the head was boiling like a kettle and the sound was like tweeeeeeeeeeeeettttttt!! whoa...even i didn't went like that! first time a maid made my mum go ballistic!
that's all i hv to say n now have to pray so that dad's bos will not go to singapore so that dad can take me, mum n sis to singapore!! everyone pray for me too, k!!

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