Thursday, November 16, 2006


i dont know my strengths. I broke a chopstick in the Six Happiness retaurant. I was trying to cut an egg and it broke. Just snapped like a twig. Dont know how. Dont know why. And why do they call it Six happiness? Why not seven or eight happiness? And Mariot hotel was so lovely and wide that as soon as i reached, i began running around like a 6 year old.. And the beds are so very comfortable and cozy! And cousin was fine. She liked the earrings. Yesterday, the grey that blanketed the sky seemed to be eating up the fluffy pink and orange clouds in the horizon. It was like a dark force accompanied with thunderous camera flashes! Traffic was jammed pack. Rain seemed like hail. And the grey sky was so very threatening. Thats it. No more poems from me!

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