Saturday, April 7, 2007

to the moon!

DId anyone notice, that all of a sudden, ALL MEMBERS of this blog has posted something! Im so proud... *sniffs* *applauds* Well on to what happened on MY Friday.
As usual, woke up at 10 or so, ate a huge breakfast, then went online.
After mom came back from lunch, i went online again.
Then before my add maths tuition at 5, i went online.
After my add maths tuition ended at 7.30, i rushed home, bathed, changed and ate two scoops of rice.
At 8, i went to church for Good Friday service.
And i saw three people i usually talk to online and not face to face. I must admit they look better face to face.
Then, i went home. Wanted to go online.
Did. But mom asked me to google "Fish bone in larynx."
Then the results came out, and she overtook the comp.
And i went to sleep at 11.
The end.
Go to for pictures.
Guilty as charged.
Over and out.
To the moon!

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