Friday, April 27, 2007

straightfoward facts

PRos and cons.
PRos: 1. Good looking testimonial
2. Possible election as Head
3.Look nice in different uniform
4. Not the same ole seaweed and peanut butter tie
5. Honourable and respectable
6.Get to go for many dinners
7. Good experience for battling the cruel world
8. U loook chun man.
9. Erm, i dont know anymore.

cons: 1. Cant see u often during the time when i usually spend time with u. :(
2. Being a prefect really sucks, according to most ex
3.PPl hate u cos u pull them out
4. Have to buy a whole new uniform
5. Have to pay for those many dinners
6. More stressful than student
8. I dislike prefects. But ill try to make an exception for those i friend.
10. Ull be tortured by The Suffering Ina.
11. Have to stay back, many meetings, many organizing to do.
12. Theres more but ill spare you.

Im just stating my opinion, I say GO FOR IT, and i also say MAYBE NOT. Its up to u. Ill support u in ANYTHING U CHOOSE ALISON! :)

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