Friday, April 27, 2007

New List of Probates

4M: Lee Boon Siew, Chan Pui Li, Woi Gaik Li
4C: Lee Ju-Hann, Nik Hurul Ain, Ch'ng Shun Yong
4K: Chen Tien Yi, Ng Xi Jing, Tee Kai Foong
4L: Andrew Liow, Atalie Lim, Spring Sia
4W: Lim Yong Juin, Low Zhi-Yen, Lee Seng Joe, ALISON NG
4P: Dhinesh, Yap Yu Wern, Ivan Leong, Jeremy Greenall

? - can anyone fill those '?' marks please? =]
As for ALISON NG, what are we going to do with her..

                          TO          STOP          HER?

                          LET         HER            FLY?

                  HER DESTINY IS IN OUR HANDS!

Special thanks to: Khor Mei Mei(4K), Alanna Ong(4W), Tee Ming Hui(4M)

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