Monday, April 30, 2007

FACE THE FACTS- world peace

This is the choral speaking poem i wrote- ( planned through by Michelle and J)

In a beauty pageant, a beauty was queened,
As she took the stage looking pruned and preened,
Into the mike, her sweet voice says,
"I'd like world peace for all the world's days." (to be said in a high pitched voice)

Everyone applauds, but what do they know,
Afghanistan is getting bombed while they're watching the show,
Little do they realise, the world is falling apart,
With wars, and wounds, and broken hearts,

World peace- its what we need, what we want to keep,
For with world peace every country makes a leap,
to a better future and all as one,
We strive to correct the mistakes our forefathers have done,

World peace, what is it now? Do define,
its everyone living in peace divine,
No discrimination but love among mankind,
Breaking out of barries that bind,

There prejudice against colors and looks,
As people usually judge covers of books,
They do same with men tho one are we,
And united we should stand and so we should be,

Worldwide discussions, agreements in concoction,
Will not be complete without the nations participation,
We need to realise that we can solve it together,
To achieve world peace forever and ever.

The way to have this morality,
That keeps the world in unity,
Is that everyone has a part to play,
If they want world peace today.

Composed originally and copyrighted by Sarah Tan, edited by Sarah Yong.
This was typed by memory and no reference whatsoever.
This is how hard me and Michelle memorised this poem. Four more days of dying. Then we're done. I cant believe im online. NO.

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