Sunday, July 12, 2009

BM, srsly?

Whats all this talk about converting Maths and Science back to Bahasa Melayu in 2012?????!!!

Let me tell YOU something, I know a whole bunch of people out there who are incredibly dissatisfied with this decision.
Unbeknownst to us, many other countries out there ALREADY consider us a third-world country. JUST as we were well on our way taking a step forward to try to better our country and increase its global standard, we take FIVE STEPS BACK and become worst than we were before.

Look, if Malaysians cant deal with learning those subjects in English, what ELSE CAN WE EVEN DEAL WITH?
Honestly! We aren't dense.
Why all this change of decision, I seriously thought it was a great idea learning those subjects in English, as the transition to college was definitely made easier.

Okay I cant rave anymore.
Im just upset.
Sigh. and I really thought Malaysia was finally gonna advance.

bebs bobs

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