Saturday, July 25, 2009

sum up

Sooo Friday was basically interview (along with a calorie-burning two mile walk in high heels), a mad scramble back to college, chem practical and test.
Then, I went back home..
Ate Krispy Kreme..
Practised piano.

But this is the COOL PART:
My bro, was sleeping on the mat on the floor, napping while I played the piano.
Feeling tired, I slept on the rattan couch next to him.
Then after a while, my father slept next to my brother.
After napping for a while, I opened my eyes to find my brother, father and mother sleeping side by side on the mat!
It was a proper family nap.
Much needed. LOL.
But hey, I got the couch.
They usually dont sleep onnit anyway.

And then TODAY started off with piano..
Then a short movie (City of Angels- ur better off NOT watching it, bloody waste of time, Nicholas Cage is a automaton actor)..
Then piano lesson for three hours..
And then D'Fortune!
On the way back, I was humming White Christmas when my mom joined in
Im really random.
ohhh, well. I hate my life. I hate my maths marks.
I dont know why im so noob at maths,
I WANNA BE LIKE SHARON! or like CHLOE! smart, slim, beautiful, talented!! Arghhh


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