Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh my! this post has pictures!!!!! :O

Sho Ihll beh blogghing abhout mayh jogghing ouhting with dhad, ahnd then abhout mayh thrip teh Phort Dhickson!! (This sentence was awarded "The Sentence with Unecessary H's" award!! YAY)

And pictures too. :D
So on Saturday morning, I awoke to the most annoying sound in the world.
The incessant knocking of my door and the voice of my brother. =(
I groggily fumbled around the table, in search of my handphone, only to discover it was 9.36, and I had only been sleeping for 4 hours.
I opened the door, and crabbily asked him what he wanted.
Apparently that whole FIVE MINUTES of knocking was just to ask me to open the Rocky packet of biscuits because mom said he could only open it when I was awake.
I made him go away and tried to get back to sleep, most unsuccessfully, I might add.
Thus, I was grumpy all the way through breakfast.
At about 11, my father suddenly asked me to jogging at Taman Tun.
I was probably not really right in the mind, as I agreed and got into my jogging gear.
Hence, that was how my father, my brother, and I landed up at Taman Tun to jog at about 11.30 in the morning.
Fortunately, it wasnt too unbearably hot, quite cool in fact, as it had just rained and the sun was not willing to come out from its hiding place behind the clouds.
To my dismay, I found we were walking up the hills of Taman Tun, which was not in the park, but behind it. And for those who dont know, it is a LONG WAY up, and a steep one too.
Not pleasant when uve not had enough sleep to restore your body.
After my first ten minutes, (or less, ahem) I began panting and sweating.
Then I realised how out of shape I was.
And then, being the random and likes-to-think-useless-thoughts-person I was, I began wondering why they called being unfit, out of shape.
For if my senses does not fail me, I was actually IN SHAPE.
I was round.
Was that not shape? I wondered.
So actually, getting fit makes you OUT OF SHAPE. no?
WE shall move on.
And the pathway going through these hills went up and down, more up then down.
So Miley Cyrus's song played in my head.
Only the first verse tho.
"There's always gonna be another mountain. U're always gonna wanna make it move..."
And in my head I went "It would be good if someone could come right now and wheel me around in a wheelchair. Bother moving mountains."
Ive been told that Im a good listener, as well as a non-stop talking.
What I say is, if you really wanna get me to listen, bring me jogging.
Because Im so out of breath, I cant say a word, so Ill end up listening.
Halfway through I began enjoying the walk eventhough I was pretty sure I was gonna drop dead at any moment.
The air was fresh and unpolluted, the weather cool, the mosquitoes biting (tho that was not a pleasant part of the walk) and my dad and brother and I cracked jokes and laughed to ourselves.
An hour later, we had gone one big round and was near to the entrance, I saw a lamp post.
Without thinking, I went "Hey! A lamp post! that MUST mean we're near Narnia!!!" in a totally convincing and enthusiastic tone.
Yes, I DO tend to start spouting nonsense when Im tired.
And it just so happened that there was a guy and girl in front of me who overheard me, turned back, and laughed at me.
My dad was looking at me strangely, and no doubt he was thinking the same thing as I was.
"IS this REALLY my daughter??!"
Later on we went to Delifrance where I gained back all my lost calories due to the lasagna.
Before that we went to Mc.D's nextdoor to order my brother's Double Cheeseburger.
I went to the counter and said "One Double Cheeseburger's Set, please, thanks" and smiled.
The cashier went "Ok. LARGE FOR YOU??"
I nearly wanted to smash her face in and say "Why? Do you think I look like someone who NEEDS A LARGE MEAL, YOU BRITISH MEATBALL?"
hahhaa okay no im kidding.
I was just a little offended. It was like she was HINTING something, you know?
Selamat Hari Raya-ing of your DEATH, I say. -_-

This morning, after church, went to PD. Now HERE I let the pictures do the talking. =)
Glad huh, you guys?
(One or two of half of HB1's muuvie naite, and some of Frasers Hill!!)

my fave pic the one on top. its like the tree separates the fruitful and the barren land! :D

unfortunately, i have no time to upload the rest!! later later. :D

Gotta Get Going.