Friday, September 4, 2009

Young Scientist Conference

*For those who do not wish to read a load of stupid extra crap and want to read the Funny Story I was talking about in MSN, please scroll down till you see the paragraph in bright purple text. Thank yew.*

Truth be told, I have NOT been looking forward to the YSC. Little did I know it would favour me and be of an advantage to me.
Advantage how, you ask?
For me, any opportunity to make friends and getting to know people I dont already know IS an advantage.
Honestly, if there were ever a job called "Socializing and Making Friends", Id be at the top of the ladder, throwing down money like it was nothing.
Dreams shall remain dreams, for the time-being.

The day did not start very well, as I was reprimanded by my father on being late for college once again.
I have a serious problem with timing, something I have yet to work on and to fix to ensure I do not get into any more messy situations in the future.
Back to the topic, the day improved as it went along.
First, I saw Sharon's new hair-do.
She looked very trendy, and I must say I was very impressed because from all the haircuts Sharon has sported, she has managed to carry off every single one!! (while still lookin' totally smokin')
Life isn't fair.
Physics dragged through, being the first period, and my least favourite subject.
I was totally clueless. (No surprise there)
Biology went by, with me also slowly reducing my blur level, and becoming more awake. I hadn't truly awoken from my slumber, yet, at that time.
English had me wide awake, thinking of ways to write creative addresses for my formal letter. Yes, the only reason I look forward to writing letters is because I get to create fake addresses with silly names for roads and etc. etc.
Im THAT jobless.
Break came, and we followed our usual Friday tradition of bestowing our presence upon the lucky Kim Gary Restaurant. HE OWES US.
I didnt really enjoy my Cream Corn Fish Fillet Spaghetti.
Sounds savoury, but tastes slightly bland.
Then MATHS came! Highlight of my day. (rarely is)
We received back our results for CT4 (of which i was PRETTY sure I screwed up well) but to my pleasant surprise, I got 81! The only other time I'd' ever got an A was during the first term test. And that was ages ago.
And I only did 29 MASA questions! Woot woot, thank God, he really knows how to work miracles.
But my overall score is still pretty disappointing as I got 57.85/75, and thats a B 16. Only a mere three more marks would've gotten me a tentative A 17.
Lets not even TALK about my Physics. -_-
I spent the rest of my free time (we didnt have Chem) in the iZone, Fb-ing and chatting with Randy, Brenda (eventho she was just behind me), Arthur and playing Typing Maniac and youtubing.
After disturbing the crazily nerdish Yew Loong, I set off to HB1.
When it came to my turn to present, as usual, my nerves got a hold of me and I started blabbering nonsense. I missed out a couple of points, but hey, no one knew. :P
My irritating fake Brit/American/Whatever-the-hell-it-was accent from the video was pissing me off.
Yeah I know.
I can piss myself off.
Its amazing.
And interjections of "the power supply was turned off, not off the power supply" and "Occurs is pronounced as a-curse, SARAH!" CAME FORTH from the grammatically-knowledgeable audience. (Namely Tjia Hwei. Dont ask me why his name is so darn complicated)
Then I went to watch Chin Ken talk about superconductors since Ms.Phua wanted me to support the Physics class. So I obliged, being the nice person that I am.
Halfway through I slipped out to watch Hanni present his topic in the room designated for Biology.
Mr.Ananda hurled controversial questions at him continuously, so much so I was stressed FOR him. I tend to emphatize alot.
But I think Hanni carried himself well.
So I made friends with Angelina, Chin Ken, Wei Han, um,,, Jian Hong? (I dont exactly remember his name, but I know he was once called Ms.Phua's brother, oh the hilarity of it all) and Yu Lan! or Yu Lin. DARN. My memory fails me yet again.
After that, I entered the Psychology class to see what was happening.
The female presenter was answering questions from the crowd, and believe me, there were MANY questions. (there were quite alot of people there)
the topic was on Homosexuality, and I felt regret because I had missed the lecture.
Feeling bold, I posed a question (eventho I had earlier been absent).
*Mr.Ananda slipped quietly in while I was talking*

So it went something like this:
Sarah: So you know, if Isomeone is just interested in knowing what kissing someone of the same sex feels like, does that make that person a homosexual? Y'know like Katy Perry?
*A few girls titter*
Girl: *Goes on to give a convincing explanation on how if you just want know how it feels like, then its just ur experimental nature (I think she was quoting Katy Perry's song directly) and that if u like and indulge in it then it makes u ghey and etc etc*
Sarah: Oh..
Sarah: FYI people, what I asked has nothing to do with me.
*Whole Class bursts into uproarious laughter and shouts of "Yeah RIGHT"*
The best part was, Mr.Ananda who was standing by my side also burst into hearty-from-deep-in-the-gut laughter and patted me on the shoulder saying "You DO know that people who deny it are just making the truth more obvious?"
And then he laughed so more.
And I was like "Uh. Yeah. Well. Now I know. Darn."
And Mr. Ananda laughed so more.

I tend to bring unnecessary attention to my sexuality.
Later, the counselling opera-singing teacher said casually "so ur lesbian, huh?"
even more -_-
I so aint.

On the way home, I spotted someone from HB3 I frequently saw in corridors but never greeted.
Its quite amazing really, almost a year Ive been in SAM and i still dont know so many.
His name was Bryan and so happens he was walking home too!
So I had quite an amiable and pleasantly mellow conversation with him on the way home.
While extracting juicy bits of information.
Its nice having someone to talk to during the walk home y'know?
Singing aloud to myself all the time just doesnt cut it.

Yeah. I know this was a long post.
But what can I say?
When I have the urge to write, I WRITE.

Have I mentioned my love of making new friends?
I think I did.



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