Saturday, September 19, 2009

So basically I met most of my church college camp members in One U today. O.o
Jessica, Jia Wei, Edwyn, Sharmaine, but with the exception of Darren.
Spent the day yakking my mouth off to Sharon and then Sharon, Chloe and I went to watch the ugly truth!
Guy: Soo!!! Uh... uh.. Peace. *Guy falters while doing pistol sign and holds out a peace sign*
Producer: OH GREAT, now he's going political.

XD I cracked myself up over that.
Funny show, I had a good laugh.
Movies are better when you watch it with your girlfriends. ;)
Sharon bought a long black jacket and I bought meself a sweet blue top. At least, i think its sweet. I wanted to buy a purple and grey striped long-ish cardigan, and a sailorish top with blue and grey stripes (it had like a scarf kinda thing attached to it), a white tanktop attached to a blue floral skirt (from forever 21, TOTALLY CUTE, the type of floral Id totally wear), A cute cocktail fluffy glittery skirted black dress (from forever 21 also, I LOVE IT SO ADORABLE) and there was this totally cool black sequined pair of mary-janes that could be two-toned!!

Hahaha, hearing me gushing like this must have totally convinced you that eventho i dont really look and act like a girl, Im a true girl at heart. I love trying and buying clothes, shoes and accesories just like any other girl. Im more accesories tho. Im not sure anymore. I like everything!!! HAHA! Crazy.

Then at night, went to CG. This time PJ and Bangsar combined, so it was a huge crowd of 20+. I had to lead worship. I think I did okay, i mean, i didnt falter. So that was a relief for me!! lol. then we talked about "grey matters", still dont know why its called that, because grey is SO not a subjective colour.. Take for example bluish-green. THATS subjective. cos it can be greenish-blue as well! That kinda also means zebras are subjective.
Ive managed to make everyone think Im this weird person.
Not bragging, but I made everyone laugh lots. Not only me lah, but I contributed in that sense. X)
I love making people laugh.
Girls from HB1 must get together during these Hols or i will ABSOLUTELY not forgive them.
Darn im so sleepy.
But i wanna stay up.

I realise i can talk for ages.
But when I listen, I can listen for ages also.
I mean to people talking about stuff.
Not teaching. LOL. bai

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