Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I studied this time, I really did. Maybe I wasnt really trying to absorb, I dont know.

I thought I knew it all.
But apparently all I knew was wrong.

I entered the exam hall.
After about one hour, I was this close to pushing back my chair and running out of the exam hall while shrieking "SCREEWWWWWWWWIIIITTTTT!!!!"
Instead, I channeled all that inner anger into just banging my head against the table.

Question after question.
Ignorance feeded my panic.

In the last half an hour, I reconsidered my future career.
Maybe I should become a carpenter.
I was really good at screwing things up.
But then, a carpenter also has to know when to "nail" things.
And I couldnt "nail" anything.
So I would only be half-good as a carpenter.
So I resorted to thinking about how spending the rest of my life sweeping sidewalks and footpaths would feel like.
Not so good.

Anyway. Ill get muscles in my arm. yipee. doo dah dey.


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