Thursday, May 24, 2007

We're Coup, so You're Coup too!!

teemh: everyone : Status : Hiatus;
reason : exam, possibility : lazy ;
Conclusion : Coup's gona be shutted down if this continues.

You're Coup You Know!!
Blogging Campaign

That's right! Under the agreement of the administrative board, and under the presence of JingTao (lead admin), we are launching our first ever holiday benefitting blogging programme!

For the next 2 weeks, it is wajib that you create AT LEAST 2 posts in this blog of yours and mine. Posts may contain any content which may interest other members of this blog, or even better, outsiders who have longed to join the superior, intelligent, amazing Coup Group.

You are advised to use the following when writing:
  • Photographs are great if you have any
  • Diagrams to illustrate what you're saying are optional
  • Words which are simple, clean, and no other
  • Suitable amounts of colouring and formatting (not like this)
It is necessary to follow the above instructions in our effort to maintain the biology of this blog. Failure to do so will result in being fired from the editorial board. Posts must not be too short of length (admin(s), please take note).

And what if you do comply to the instructions? Well, here's the reward scheme.

2 posts: No reward
3 posts: Basic recognition as an active member
5 posts: Cornetto treat on school reopen (worth RM2.50)
7 posts: Break + lunch treat on school reopen (worth RM5)
10 posts: (possible) Promotion to admin status
> 10 posts: We don't know yet, we'll see when you've done that

That's it! So start blogging or you'll be vaporised!

Apologies to Michelle's excitement over the cornetto - something went wrong with the HTML.

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