Tuesday, May 29, 2007

pictures! =D

the pictures i promise!! hope u guys can see clearly..if not, i think u hv to buy long-sighted specs!! HAHAHAHAHA...
can u spot the tortoise?? the 1 on the rock is nameless..it is the one who always wanna to 'break' free n make me feel so bad n it is very naughty, the one on the ground is bubbles and is much smaller!

peek-a-boo! i see u! just found out that they need to put their head out to breath! silly me!

XXX-rated! jkjk! wahhh..both of them having lovey-dovey time when sis cleaning the tank! hmm..how to know which 1 is boy or girl ah?? (gasp) maybe they're gays!! XD

hi alison!! welcome back!! so when r u telling ure stories ah?? i wanna noe everything since i hv nth better to do then go 2 tuition n do hw everyday! going out day~tuesday it is n don't change! might not be free on other days!

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