Monday, May 28, 2007

OH yea oh yea

Like so TOTALLY AWEsomeeee,
This is like,, my like super IN cheer that i think like,, we should like really like.
*flips platinum blonde hair over like her shoulder*
Like im just doing this cos im like
SOOO Bored with watching those guys thrive for my attention
I'd like rather watch Fashion Gossip!
And that white chicks movie is like SO insulting..

Anyway, here it is my adoring fans!
Who do you appreciate?
Me, the awesome,
Me, the gorgeous,
Me, the blossom,
Me, the Fergielicious!!!
Im hot, im cool,
im popular in school,
I flip, my hair,
I make all the boys stare,
i say
Im hip, in STYLE,
ill make it worth ur while,
Cos theres none like me,
Like DUH u can see!

So kiss, my feet,
No other girl can compete,
To my manicured nails,
The doggies wag their tails,
For me,
For rocking rocking me,
i know im such a BARBIE!

okay, blonde phase,

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