Monday, May 28, 2007


me again...2nd 1 now!! i can get cornetto!!
anywayz, the movie pirates of the carribean was so...WOW!! to me, and so awesome, to me and so breathtaking, to me. i even cried at the end!! LOL...and i think i just fell in love with johnny depp like DUH! n keira knightley!! she is so pretty! BUT now i think i like orlando bloom too!! yikes! or maybe i just like william turner, his character! hmm..that sounds better!=)
sarah, i think i do like romantic guys n can't help falling for them everytime!!
just to let all of u know, u all should watch the harry potter 5 trailer! it's so niceeee!! i can't wait for it n it is so nerve-racking(is that even a word?) , this is coming from a person who doesn't read the harry potter books, k! so i dunno what is going to happen! what time do u guys usually go on9 anywayz?? i'm always sitting here waiting..n waiting...
do u know?? that my b'day is on the same day as a celebrity!! n it's orlando bloom... don't really know am i suppose to be happy or sad! sigh
bye 4 now!

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