Monday, May 28, 2007

what u ever? again!! just finish tuition which i only have during the holidays since the teacher only comes back during the holidays. hahaha...3rd post now!! n on the very same day!! i forgot to say this in my previous post so i wanted to say it!!
did u ever see a teacher from WMS outside of school?? oh gosh it is sooooooo weird!! n it is a teacher who r those kind that r very focus n u think that they will always sit at home studying!! n u think that they don't exist outside of school especially the ONE i saw!! wanna know who i saw? if u don't TOO BAD cos i'm going to say it was the teacher who is a body part name that u can find on ure face!! is what happen...
me: (saw old man in front of me...stare at him den turn away)
me: (look again..looked like Mr Chin but handsomer than him cos never wear glasses..LOL)
me: (gulp!) daddy, i think i see a teacher from school!
dad: where? where? (turning his head 360 degrees)
me: right there (pointing at the teacher right in front of him..when aproaching him) he teaches me physics, the 1 i keep telling mummy very boring 1.
dad: where? go say 'hi' larr..
me: har...but that is mr. CHIN(emphasize while i said it right in front of him

den i slowly walk away n luckily he didn't even notice. but he was carrying a cute little boy! his grandson is sooooooo cute! n i saw the rest of his family!
ok...that is the weirdest thing happen to me so far...hehe =)

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