Sunday, May 27, 2007

my new pets!

ok ok, i'm here!! so stop complaining larr...(jingtao) u sound like some old grandpa that goes yakity-yak-yak! I'LL TRY 2 GO ON9 MORE OFTEN DURING THE HOLIDAYS, K!!
EXAMS R OVER!! yay!! was such a long week..phew! so many post that i haven read n all so long until i go offence!! hehe =p
latest news.....i finally bought PETS!! i now have 2 turtle..or is it tortoise?!?! hmm..anywayz, any suggestions on names?? please suggest i need help in naming it but something short n cute!! sis name her bubbles!! n mine still NAMELESS!! bonnie n clyde sounds nice but noooooo sis rejected the names! hmph! hehe
so when r v going out?? can't wait! miss everyone already but weekdays, k!! n tell me earlier!
oh god i'm so excited tonight!! going to see my leng chai!! Ooooo...Aaaaaa...johnny depp here i come!! LOL...what did u'll expect?? guess my taste is bad...
i'll post my turtle/ tortoise pic when i take them..they r so cute!! hehe
ps. will they die if i put them under air condition for like 2 hours??
bye guys!! love all of u!! this is 1 post, 9 more to go n i'll get something BIG!! hahahhhahahaha (u beta not lie jing tao or else....)

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