Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In class.

Right now, in my row, sits Jimmy, Brendaboo, me, Sharon, Sacha and Chloe. (left to right) We're doing a SURVEY on the SAM course. And i think we have all been pretty generous, distributing fours and fives to the questions as if we know more than the lecturers do about their performance. I suppose feedback is important. And guess what!! Special fact #1: Sacha is poetic. Special fact #2: Sharon can NEVER look fat. like EVER. Special fact #3: Me and chloe are colour co-ordinated today!!! Special fact #4: My "skirt" is actually a dress worn with a top. Nyehehehe. Sacha exclaimed (while reading this): Oh its a dress?!! All the guys sitting behind are now going "EEEeeeeee" because Sharon is surfing a blogshop showing pictures of headless models sporting sexay clothes. Not surprised. The guys in my class are like.. seriously. Me and Jeremy had a race around the block. All I can say is, its been a PRETTY long time since Ive done my daily runs and sprinting sessions. Shucks. Im in BAD BAD shape, people. All the muscles sagging. AAAAA.. Off to physics now. :)

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