Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Tainted Reputation.... Sucks.

Im in the computer lab now, FINALLY starting on my Biology project. Like FINALLY. After dayssss of procrastination, i SAT myself down in the iZone and decided to start. So yeah... I did. But now im here blogging. Is it still counted? Blah. Anyway.. Wow.. nerd talk much, all around me. The guys are addressing girl issues using CHEMISTRY TERMS. I mean.. WHAT? ANd i just found out that chemistry test is this monday. Im doomed. AAAGgghhhh... Why cant I be super smart and not study at all.. Sseeerrriiiouuusslllyyyy... Like saying "That girl la.. In group one.. Magnesium so more!!! " And here i am continuously rolling my eyes. And guess what.. guys in my class do QUIZZES. on FACEBOOK. Like- how many girlfriends wil you have before you get married. omg omg omgoshhhh.. I think im about to keel over and die. Weird people. FRIENDSTER. omgoshhh.. The things they say. Anyway. Im going to go now and continue my biology. im off...

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