Sunday, April 5, 2009

Doh random thoughts of mine

She was such a baking addict that if she suddenly died during one of her baking sessions, her death description would go something like this: She had a seizure, followed by a myocardial cardiovascular attack and died immediately. Then the timer went off. She revived, took out the cookies from the oven and set them out to cool, and finally died again.

He was such a nerd. He stood at the edge of a high-rise building threatening to jump off because of the failure of his love life and social life. Then someone told him that his Chemistry project and Physics report was due tomorrow. Immediately, he got off the roof and went to his room to put some finishing touches to his assignments.

I was form 3. I felt like killing myself with all the projects and homework dumped on me daily. But then I thought to myself "If I kill myself now, how will I ever know what the future holds for me?" So I continued living. And then I found out what the future held. Even more frequent thoughts of killing myself. But its okay.

Whereas, there are real-life scenarios like these ones that make me feel like doubling over and never stop laughing:
Girl A: Im so stressed.. And I feel like killing myself. Too many boys like me!
Sarah: Oh. I can see why boys liking you would be something you get stressed about.. And make you feel like killing yourself.. A big problem indeed. Life taking-worthy.
Girl A: Yeah..
they wont stop talking to me!
Sarah: So how many? 565513654?
Girl A: 8 only... Only 8 la..
Sarah: Wow. 8 boys liking you. That's kinda little, isnt it???
(Aww..... So cute.) does this even PASS as a coherent sentence???
Em0 is just A reas0n f0r b0ys t0 act like girls.

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