Thursday, April 23, 2009

and....yes, im a loser.

L-O-S-E-R. And I couldnt even spell it right the first time I tried.
I have now officially ceritified that Im NOT the type that can get away with last-minute, no wait make that last-second studying. Seriously.
Sheesh much.

So yes. This is what Id like to be, arranged according to priority.
1. Pious
2. Intelligent
3. Beautiful
4. Have a nice personality

Yes. For me, having a nice personality would be last in the list. But you cant NOT be nice and be pious at the same time, now CAN you?!
And Beautiful comes after Intelligent because if Im fugly, at least I can make MONEY. (it rhymed. whoopeedoo.)
But of course, there are those that need no brains, and they can immediately make big $$ by gracing the covers of renowned magazines. (mainly rude ones. ppfftt.)
So yeah. there you go.

I cant bear people looking down at me, I want to be on par in terms of intellect with everyone else in my class. I hate being "degraded" and looked down upon. But yet, as usual, I do nothing about it. Writing that list above was already daunting, let alone ACCOMPLISHING IT.

Off to die.

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