Saturday, April 18, 2009

the OUTING. jeng jeng jeeenngg

So yesterday, after finishing the oh-so-easy-yeah-right-my-foot maths DI paper, college ended at 1.30! So we HB-ians (well a number of us, anyway) decided to do what we do best. GO OUT! nyahahhaha!! So after standing uselessly in the corridors of TCSH, blocking everyone's path, we finally got out and drove off to One Utama.(The "type" of passengers following CT and Sharon's car were strategically planned, I must say.) Upon arriving One U, we immediately booked tickets for "He's Just Not That Into You." Then, I proceeded to the video arcade to spend my money lavishly on stupid games like that idiotic drum game which gave me wrist pain after. But of course, I managed to satisfy my craving by playing a car racing game, a basketball shooting game AND a shooting game. Four bucks, whisked away. Meanwhile, my friends were at Burger King, buying their lunch. I initially thought of going to A&W but after walking a distance and finding my friends at Burger King, I joined them. Three boys, five girls. I had to sit with the boys in the end (seating plan was four at each table). Why do I ALWAYS end up sitting with the boys? Haih. Lulu shudve sat with the girls. And I shudve sat with the girls. :( but yeah. WHATEVER. So there we were, munching, as CT and I and all the other girls drank the most unhealthy soft drinks in the world - F&N strawberry. Its actually my favourite drink, but now only do I realise the amount of colouring that must be present in that thing to enable it to be of such a dark red shade.... boo.. all our organs must be crying out in agony. Anyhoos, we sat there munching happily with the guys checking out hot girls on facebook, lulu eating my nugget and my fries (I got revenge by taking his onion rings, suckerrr) and alllll the three guys playing with their iPhones. Well not exactly iPhones la all of them, its like those touchscreen ones... Then finally we reached the cinema where the guys.. and I (why do I seem like the male character in all the situations?!) waited for them. Louis scared Sharon. nyaha. that was funny. LoL. Funny thing was that I initially walked faster than everyone and went into the cinema hall ten. I was holding all the tickets, btw. Then when people came in, I waved at them (thinking it was my friends) but I couldnt tell because it was so bloody dark. Then I thought it over and realised they wont even know which cinema hall it was so I came back out. When I led them in, I was wondering why the toot was the cinema so dark, and THEN i realised i was actually looking at the wall. And the turning INTO the cinema was actually a few centimetres more. Noob much. Well, I wouldnt exactly give this movie a high rating, but the audience present made it worthwhile. Jimmy and Hanni came after, somewhere at the middle of the movie, I think?At the parts where the actors/actresses spewed cheesy lines, my friends (and another batch up front) would go "Awwww!!!" and "OMG..... So sweet!". Me being the cynical (Yet a victim of the when-people-cry-i-start-crying-too) person I was, had to distance myself in order to prevent embarrassment. Lmao. My friends crack me up. To my right was some metrosexual looking guy (not bad loooking laaa) who CRIED at the sad parts. I was tearing myself when I heard a huge, snotty SNIFF from my right, and when I turned, I could see tears tracks making way down his face. It took alot of effort for me not to burst into uncontrollable giggles right there and then. After the movie, we stepped out and met Jeremy, Wai Kit and Shawn. We hung around for a bit, chatting, then Sharon, Chloe, Hui Jin and I proceeded to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the outing. SHOPPING. HAHAHA. (Sacha had to leave early. boo) We spent about two hours at F.O.S i think. AS usual, there was me trying the most number of clothes. hahaha. Poor Hui Jin had to jaga our stuff... Thanks Hui Jin, u know I love you. :) hehe. Sharon went crazy (she loves F.O.S) and Chloe left just before me and Sharon paid for our purchases. This is probably the first time Ive ever bought so many spaghetti straps. Three, to be exact, and one chainmail-ish t-shirt with a hoodie attached. Gosh... I LOVE light blue and dark brown now. There were two sweater-like long hoodies there but one was RM50 (pppfft) and another was too tight. So sad... haih. Then Sharon fetched me home. :) Thanks Sharon. One day I'll....uh..cycle you around??? lmao. I FINALLLY got a chance to go to One U. YAYYY. Joy!!! lmao. So yeah. Thats about it. No pics, we didnt bring cameras. :( boo.

bebs and bobs.

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