Wednesday, August 19, 2009

as expected..

ai wasted my holidays. :)
But im pretty happy about it. I just wish I had another week to waste.
I need time to waste.
Not that I havent been doing that already. But yeah.
Anyhooz, today i went to Jared's house to do our poster. he is a minimalist, so that made it much easier. Less is more. So the least is the most.
Then he fetched us to Mid V to have lunch at Kenny R (LOL) with Miss the FOO! :D Thanks Jared.
I had fun, talking to her, but I had a pounding headache, so I was grouchy. I kept getting scolded by my parents today. Tsk tsk. bad.
So yeah I got my camera back! And i found only the memory card. So I spent pretty much the whole day searching the whole room for my battery.

I asked God where it was.
And I didnt think he'd answer.
But I just realised, he did!
Coz I wasnt really looking for my camera strap, and I remembered whereabouts it was.
And I fell asleep looking for the camera (after not being able to find it)
Then i closed my eyes and thought hard, and SRSLY IN MY HEAD, I saw the strap AND the battery being put into a purse. But the purse was a black one, But it was a purse nonetheless.
Then in my head, I HEARD-READ the words in my brain! I dont know how to explain lar.
I heard-read "Look for the strap, and you will find the battery."
So then I just opened one drawer, saw a purple purse I had seen several times before while looking for my battery, and i took it, opened it and WALAH! THE STRAP AND BATTERY!
thanks God. :)

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