Monday, August 31, 2009

College Camp MOU?!

College camp.. College camp..
What can I say?
Was looking forward to it, but wasnt expecting anything from it.
Turns out, it was good for me. :)
See, my walk with God was getting REALLY REALLY dry and monotonous.
During camp itself, I was having trouble focusing on really worshipping God.
But by the end of the second night, after all those sessions (unfortunately, most of the time I blur blue gao gaooo) I can say that I can at least have the will to TRY to focus on God during p&w. :)
I learnt that even the most faithful servants of God face spiritual dryness and that it isnt unusual.
I made plenty of new friends, and played games and enjoyed myself.
It was basically a break from the routine of everyday life.
My group was Police Force headed by Jared and me as the assistant.
We did Star Wars Chollywood style, and I think it was pretty good, tho I had to do three voices, and I always nearly got mixed up. lol.
My group members rockeeeedd!! :D I love them. Nan Hong and Edwyn especially. (i know i berat sebelah. shuttup)
Anyhooz, its way different from YC camp lah, thats what I can say.
Lazy to explain why.
I got to spend time with different bunches of people, so it was good. I like variety. :D
Oh and I learnt some things about myself from this camp...
First of all, I MEMANG TAK TAU MALU LOR! sRSLY! its like, u know how girls like to talk about guys right? And if that person happens to be sitting in the room, they will get talked about lor! I cannot whisper wan, Ill just go loudly "OH THAT GUY OVER THERE IN PINK aH?" lol. Sorry, its a habit I may never get rid of.
Secondly, when I like someone, I have no fear of telling that person. Well. Uh. not TELLING LAH.. more like hinting? And I dont really care if i get rejected or accepted, because I feel the person I like should be told so they know that there ARE people out there who actually admire them. Good for their self- esteems, yknow?
Thirdly, (this aint bout myself) I found out my sisters friends have resorted to bullying me in place of them missing my sister. It sucks, really. :( [ i still love you all tho :P]
Anyway. Camp was not without its hot guys too. ;) There were mainly three, to be exact.
And yeah, I think by now almost everyone knows about it. :D
And srsly, Im a super forward person lor.
I like, have absolutely no...."know how to be malu" value weih.
So now Im going to do maths.
Ugh, junk food times 1446143132 during camp... It was so cold, I loved it. :D Hated bathrooms tho. I only like my bathroom. :( Food was so-so, nothing to complain about.
Bought Camp SHIRT AND BADGES! woot.
And yeah. I found I have no problem mixing with older people as well! I think.
And I got a new close friend, MR.RAYMOND! :D He rocks lah, just as weird as I am, thats why we click so well I think.
Mmmm.. yeah. :) I enjoyed camp lor.
All the pictures with Sarah Yong sO ill post it up layta. :)
Love you guys, whoever you guys are, reading my nonsense everyday.

(back to college. darnnnn)


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