Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is gonna be a long one.

So I slept at three thirty last night. or should I say, morning.
But Im pretty sure I spent those late hours doing something useful.
For example, I downloaded plenny of this new singer I discovered!! SIA! :D She's da bomb.
ANNDDD I found out that I knew someone who could sing well (unexpectedly), so it was a pleasant surprise!!!!! :D :D :D
Next morning, went to church, was half-asleep unfortunately.
Sorry God. D:
Then at first a bit reluctantly followed my mom to Mid Valley for some shopping.
Turned out to be really fun!!! :D But I was constantly blabbering nonsense, so yeah. Maybe it was my mom who got irritated in the end. LOL.
NOW IM GONNA TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. I made some really chun observations.
First of all, I REALLY LIKE THE MUSIC THEY PLAYED IN METROJAYA. (That's where I spent 99.99% of my time, cuz there was a sale, and everything was naise)
It was like those, background, mellow, bistro kind of music? You know?
Like they played those feel-good, inspirational music.... Like: I BELIEVE I CAN FLY.
Srsly, I was humming and singing along, and then I walked past other ppl who were doing the same thing. IT was pretty funny when we stared at each other and smiled.
Secondly, the atmosphere rocks. Maybe cuz there arent many people, so it has a really laid back and relaxing feel. Qeues can get long, but overall its pretty laid-back. Like the lighting, the decoration everything, it just puts a customer at ease y'know? Love it. They even have an old piano in the bathroom. Imagine how nice the bathroom is. You cant? Here lemme lay it out for you: IT WAS REALLY NAISE.
But in the kids section, there were some really freaky looking children mannequins. Srsly. Elongated faces, slitty eyes.. Ugh, Id hate to be anywhere near THOSE at night. Brrr.
OH OH! And while waiting for my mom who was trying on some clothes, I spotted this really ugree looking sheath dress. I was so amazed by its ridicularity, I had to get a better look. It was a electric white (if thats possible) with black lace lining the top and bottom. It doesnt sound bad when I say it like this, right? well if you saw it, ud think otherwise.
I assure you.
It was butt-ugly.
Even my grandmama wont wear zat.
So anyway, I went closer and was poking fun at it. Srsly, like talking to myself going "Gosh. Who would wear that... Got people even CREATE THIS KIND OF THING?!? Vomit. Goodness..." And then I was chuckling to myself while poking material. What I didnt realise was that there was a woman standing directly behind me (she mustve arrived a couple of minutes later) who was actually TRYING to take the dress to try on. And she overheard every single one of my comments on the dress. But I respect her, because after casting me a very eveel and spiteful glance thru narrowed eyes, she snatched the dress of the hook and stomped to the dressing room.
Ooops. (emoticon for embarrassed yellow circle covering smiley mouth with hand)
Oh, and there were SOOO MANY WEIRD DRESSES AT SOMERSET BAY! They really have such super odd patterned and cutting, that it makes you want to try it on! So i tried on several.
Oh and in City Chain, there was this picture of a girl modelling a watch. That's not the weird part. She was hugging a huge bunny that was as tall as her. I thought it was freaky, really.
And underneath that picture, was a little slogan (i think its meant to be a slogan- i aint sure) which said "Take a lifetime to find love". It doesnt sound grammatically right. But my point is, are they trying to say if i wear that watch, Id take a lifetime to find love, and when I do, it will be with a humongous carrot-ravaging, tooth-out-sticking, FURRY, RABBIT?!
HAha. So I guess thats all I have to say. I doubt any of u will read this anyway.
Ud all like, scroll to the last sentence and go
"Oh. Done."

bebs and bobs. I have a headache.

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