Thursday, August 27, 2009


I went to college and slept in the library first time EVER! was a little late for class tho. Then during LUNCH TIME! That was so cool!
Me and Sharon walked over to the BAKERY in SRI HARTAMAS ALL THE WAY FROM PLAZA DAMAS! And yes there is an interesting story to tell behind it all, but Ill save it for another time when my elocution, dictation and whatever -ion has improved. We enjoyed a savoury Rm15 meal and were really sleepy and tired by the time we had walked back to college. Yes, we walked back as well. I was too tired to enjoy English, but Chemistry was fun eventho our soap did not solidify as it was SUPPOSED to. ppft. stupid soap. then I had CF and this time 12 ppl were there! it was encouraging seeing the numbers grow. I was too darn tired to walk home so I got Arty to fetch me. mehehe.

And sharon suggested that lunch thing on a whim,
And we did it!
It was really crazy. I mean srsly. CRAZy.
but healthy.
And loads, HEAPS loads of fun.
I love you sharon. =)

bebs bobs tits tots

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