Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I havent been blogging

And all for good reason.
Assignments, write-ups, tests, and random sms-ing and calling has been keeping me away from my beloved blog.

And another HUGE FACT that plays part innit is that my internet aint working.
So everyday I have to stay back from college to use the Internet.
Not very upset about that tho, because from it I made many new friends!
Wilbur, Jinn, Shawn, Samuel Choi, Louis, Some Melay girls (whom Afifah's name is the only one I remember) and... others! XD

So yeah.
Today was pretty funny.
My section in class was wearing blue and black and as USUAL i was the odd one out.
I never FAIL to wear what they are NOT wearing.
I think its a conspiracy.

Anddd AS USUAL, me and Yew Loong were fighting.
I like fighting.
Ms.Koh called me aggresive.
I think she's right.
I over exceeded the word count for text production.
I tend to get carried away when Im writing stories.
And I also realised Im not really afraid of asking people stuff that usually NORMAL people wouldnt really want to ask.
Im not giving examples, Im too lazy.
And I SHOWED the almost all the girls in my class today the guitar which was studded on my bra! ONLY GIRLS, tho.
Im weird that way, I was just too proud of the studded guitar.
Cos its cool.

And me and Yew Loong were racing to get the Bio Practical books for Ms.Koh, and we both ran into the lab to search and grab the books first.
But upon searching, we found that there were no books in the lab.
Upon coming out, we bumped into Jeremy who was walking serenely with the pile of Bio books in his grasp.
Stupid. It was in the Bio Lab Assistant Room.
We felt pretty stupid.
We had LAN test today, Wai Kit, Yew Loong and I were all sharing notes eventho Mr.William said not to.
We are very naughty students.
Anyway. Thats all for now. :)
Facebook time!
I do realise that Im talking in a rather drab and boring manner but I really CANT be bothered.
Next time I shall talk jocosely. So it may seem more interesting, perhaps?
Ah. Bebs and bobs.

and Ive only read four pages of chapter ten, while there is still chapter 11,12,13! whopeedooo

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