Monday, August 24, 2009

that's all.

"So? How is it? Can it be fixed?"
The woman hovering anxiously behind me stepped back as I emerged from underneath the computer table, shaking off the dust and adjusting my collar.
"It's fine, ma'am. It's all good now." I said, smiling.
"Oh thank goodness!!!! You're a life-saver!! So what was wrong?" she asked.
I was tempted to use bombastic words describing the complexity of the wires and the parts of the Central Processing Unit, as all the visits I had done so far had required nothing more than a few tweaks and reformatting. All that knowledge, crammed into my head, full of technical and impressive-sounding terms, waiting to spew out at the slightest enquiry.
Should I?
Should I take the risk and fizzle this young woman's brain?
Should I?
I stood there contemplating, and after a while with a small sigh and smile, I replied
"No, ma'am. You didn't plug it in."


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