Saturday, March 14, 2009


Today, I took my brother's new bike out for a SPIN ON THE STREETS BEBEH!!
IT was GREAT. I would have preferred it to be higher as my legs ARE pretty long, (not bragging here people, focus) and my toe was constantly being scraped by the road. PAINFUL. But to feel the wind rushing through my hair, whipping past my face, the pumping of my feet on the pedals, the SORE PAIN IN MY CALVES, EVERYTHING!
Gosh i never knew i missed cycling that much.
for those who dont know, I used to cycle around my neighbourhood like very HARDCORE cycling, EVERY friday evening when I was form two (and younger) and it was like, the one thing i looked forward to doing every Friday evening.
Plus that, on Sunday I would go swimming at my cousin's house or go to Lakeclub for some laps in the pool. Then, there'd be tennis lessons on Thursday, at night, when the lights are alll orangish because of the lamp posts.
I miss going to Lake club and reading story books in the library, bathing after a long swim or an invigorating run at the gym, or a round of tennis and then going to the cafeteria and ordering my usual roti canai with Milo ICE! I MISS IT!
I miss making ridiculously long skipping ropes out of rubberbands and then jumping like crazy in my garden. I miss talking to my neighbour (ex-neighbour, she's no longer living there either) and concocting the weirdest combinations consisting of soil, water and plants. I MISS being able to conjure any image up in my mind. I miss that burst of colour, the flair for flamboyant colours that I used to have. I miss how I used to be able to think up every little detail of any character I created out in my head and then spinning stories to the eager ears my little friends and making them believe it too. Oh wait this is sports related.
So. I miss my swimming lessons!!! (shock) I miss BADMINTON!!!! (not shocking) I MISS NETBALL I miss footballl and i kind of miss basketball and netball. I MISS DOING ALLL THOSE EXTRA CURICCULAR ACTIVITES i used to do almost EVERYDAY!
I miss the carefreeness of youth. I miss everything about my childhood.
I cant be THAT unhappy now, can I?
am I?

on a happier note, I did well in my SPM. Praise the Lord. =D only He is capable of such miracles.. Ive never gotten an A1 for anything during my whole time in WMS. hehehe. fooh.

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