Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Guys... This shall be the first part... second part later okay?? IM DAMN TIRED AND ITS 4.20a.m. in the morning on SUNDAY AND I HAVENT DONE HOMEWORK PLUS TMR IM GONNA BE OUT THE WHOLE DAY! TA.Sacha
Sharon the Baron
Hui Jin looking pretttyy
Colleen hee hee
Jimmy the Scary Eating Machine
Wai Kit
Potraits: CT
Uh. k
Guys at Yuen's STEAMBOAT
oh and this was the sign pasted in the shop. so apparently ROUGH and unkind men are allowed into the fitting room, huh? I see, i see...
Colleen and I having our bit of fun again, messing around.. lol.
AND i look bad in this picture but the main focus is mah buddies here! Sacha the hottie, im sorry im blocking you.. guys will come beat me up, i know, i know... lol.
Chloe and mua!! gosh im so ugree. =D
The two people we constantly disturbed.
Ugh hate my pink lippy smile. Now i know never to use that lipgloss.... UGH. anyway. kissy! :D
Chloe in a lovely dress she SHUDVE bought but DIDNT and ME wearing a RUBBISH BAG.
Potrait of Sharon. I THINK THIS PIC ROCKS my SOCKS.
Colleen and I had a bit of fun ourselves too! :D
Chloe hottie and mua.
Oh. N then the girls WENT AWAY TO DO *wiggles fingers* SHOpppppiiinngg!!!!! hahahahhaha
Wai Kit, CT, Sacha and B... From the bottom. hehehe.
POSER NYA THese people.. i didnt even ASK. I was just taking a pic of myself (okay im also a poser) and then they all thought i was taking of them so i just snapped also lor...
LOOK LOOKETH, i be holdin sharon's head with me two left fingers!!! gaspedy gasp
The three pic-taking girls!!! snapping away like papparazzi. hehehe. funnyyy..
Another try..... BOo fail.
"artistic" photos start after the strenuous but FUN ice skating!! I was half-dead lah. UNFIT-nya... Anyway.. chloe was so cute, she was like "omgosh yeah i should do that too!" and off she went to take "artistic" photos along with me. LMAO.
From the side...
Jimmy's gay pose is the first thing you notice. Then yeah. well. hehehe. POSERS! (I made them do it lah.)
Dai lou (jimmy), Hanni (GF), C, B and Sharon
the ice skating rim of doom and many falls and thus, wet butts...
CT, brendaboo, Colleen
camwhoring <--i dont like that word. so i shall say, pic-taking session officially starts. breakfast at mcdonalds.. I had apple pie and ice cream. Together. then me and sharon explored their mini playground. i didnt get stuck, thanks for asking.

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