Saturday, March 7, 2009

You know what I need?

Chic flicks. MANY MANY chic flicks.
I LOVED, absolutely loved Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. (9/10)
Other than all those fantasy fictional movies e.g: Stardust, Bedtime Stories, Inkheart, City of Ember (all given 8/10 but for Stardust a 10/10), I realised that I just adore chic flicks.
Nanny Diaries was not bad too!! Another 8/10.
Im not afraid to say it, I positively HATE crying movies. (Which doesnt mean i dont watch them...)
Its just that I prefer something light and comical, because life is hard enough to deal with already.
I dont need other people's fictional characters to make me feel empathy and sympathy and THEN start feeling miserable myself. >_> Sad movies usually have happy endings tho, and that makes me pretty much OK with watching them.
Lets be honest here, I dont LIKE to think about deep and controversial issues interweaved into a certain movie. I like movies to be straightforward, happy, perky, comical, not-too-soppily-romantic, and well..... to have a happy ending. I wouldnt exactly call that shallow, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Someone told me that I dont really WANT to have a boyfriend that much because Ive never experienced it and because I dont know what Im missing.
well I certainly know what im NOT missing.
But lets face it, everyone wants someone to love and someone to love them back.
I do too.
But I guess the time's just not right for me.
I've been let down and disappointed by love, and im upset not even because it happened to me.
Its because of all the sad cases I see around me, couples fighting and breaking up when I honestly thought they were perfect for each other.
So what I need as a remedy and to get my mind off all this frustrating, complicated, loser-feeling-inducing matters, is MANY MANY MANY more chic flicks and chic lits. MANY MORE.

Ive never REALLY thought what would happened if there was ACTuALLY a guy that liked me and vice versa. And if we got together. I seriously think no one will be able to accept me as I am.
Thank GOD someone up there (a.k.a GOD Himself) can stand me and loves me as me.
Thank goodness for parents and siblings too, eventho they might get on one's nerves occasionally.
I know I know, friends and everyone else like me just as I am, but there's always this need nibbling away in everyone including myself to have that special someone.
I dont go around whining and pining for one tho, do I?
I wonder if Id turn into this mushy pulp if I ever get a BF.
I sure hope not. I'd hate to see myself be like that. I mean not that there's anything wrong with being cheesy, but Im not one to make little baby noises and coo and snuggle 24/7. It irks me. Hugging frequently yes, but absolutely NO mushy-yucky-too-over-the-top stuff.
But thats just the cynical me that has never experienced love first hand.
spent my whole life being the middle person and im pretty much sick of it.
Im also very well accquainted with the baggage relationships can carry due to all the messages Ive had to pass back and forth when a certain couple was fighting.
To those people getting married, I really hope you guys make the right choice and stick together till the GRAVE. I hate it when people fight and I definitely cant STAND it when people split up.

There. Ive pretty much said it all.
Betcha never thought a person like ME would actually want a boyfriend eh?
Yeah. Neither did I.
Fortunately, its not one of my top priorities right now as I am not an aging old maid that is desperate to get married before I die and dont get a chance to leave a lil strand of my DNA behind in this world. >_> You get what I mean, Bio students.

lemme know if you guys have any good ones. chic flicks and lits i meant. Not juicy relationship problems.
Im not actually DYING to know.
Happy to help but Im not volunteering.

bebs and bobs.

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