Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chocolate Cake-ooo!!

So after staying at college on a SATURDAY for MADU and some time spent at the iZone, I went to Mercato to buy a packet of cake mix. :) When I reached home, it was 2.57. (yes, I know the exact time.... I looked at the digital clock when I reached home.) Immediately, I started searching for my baking equipment. It took quite a while because usually my maid will help me with that and help me bake too, but since now I have a new maid, I didnt wanna tax her too much, PLUS THAT she doesnt know where everything is AS WELL as she didnt understand a single thing I said.
This is OFFICIALLY the first time I did EVERY SINGLE thing myself. I mean before this, my maid would help me sift the flour and take out the equipment and watch it in the oven, but now I did ALLL THAT MYSELF OKAY. Im so proud. LOL. sorryy lahh what to do, im easily contented and satisfied wannn... Sooo yeah. Thanks Sharon for recommending the brand!!! I mixed everything after much to-do and then estimated the time and temperature. Set it, and left it. Went upstairs to rest for a while and sing Xin Tiao over and over again. Twenty minutes later (which isnt much) I went to check on my cake. It looked almost ready. So I went to take a bath. Immediately after my bath, I took out the cake.
Hehehe then i went upstairs to continue singing Xin Tiao repeatedly. Just too obsessed with the song like how everyone ELSE is obsessed with Taylor Swift's Love Story. Then my mom came back, and I surprised her with the cake. I hope it cheered her up because that was the main reason i baked the cake anyway. Some pictahs:

The wee piece of cake standing tall. :)

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