Saturday, March 28, 2009

its Frydaeee!!

So yeah. Class HB1 (or rather, should i say, a FEW of class HB1 students) decided to do an EXTRA-curricular activity. So we went for... Supper at HARTAMAS SQUARE! (insert picture here, I did not bring my camera) and sooooo Mister JON ( im sure it was him) picked a spot where the juvenile delinquents were all sitting. remember my last post about hartamas square and how its divided into two parts? yeah well. I was sitting with the juvenile delinquents. SOB SOB. But i looked nothing like them I guarantee you. For one thing I wasnt hot. Second thing, I wasnt wearing slutty clothes. Thirdly, I wasnt trying hard to look desperately cool. I looked desperately gangsta tho. I kept shouting at my friends who blew strawberry scented shisha smoke into my face. Freakkk. Anyway. I drank a cup of teh tarik only. Halfway through I think I got diabetes. (honestly, I think they pour syrup inside the cup instead of water), So i was drinking sugar. Sugar+Sarah= not good combination. I was living proof that you didnt need drugs to be high. Sugar's more than enough. So yeah we basically talked and ogled. We glared at the shisha-ers (our friends included) . oh. and the people that were PRESENT were : Ern Ying, Me, sharon, Lulu, Hanni, Jeremy, Wai Kit, Jimmy and CT. Thats was basicallllyy it. Uhuh. We just sat and chatted. Nothing much happened. Later elle and lynn came to show their transformed selves (meaning they were pimped up, all sexy and smexy. WAIIT sexy and smexy mean the same thing right) THEN THEY GUYS WANTED TO GO TO RHASTA. oh before that we took turns playing family. Jimmy was my hubby (how did it turn out like that, someone TELL ME?) , CT was my mommy, Jeremy daddy, Wai Kit my personal stylist, Hanni my brother, Lulu my slave, Ern Ying and Sharon my younger and older sister respectively. Okay so half the guys left for rhasta despite sharon and I's constant pleas to not go there as going to SS2 at 10.30 was kinda a bad idea. but whatever, they went anyway. So it was drizzling and Jeremy, Wai Kit and Hanni, Ern Ying and sharon and I were huddled under a small umbrella, deciding what to do. In the end, the girls came over to my house. We chatted for half an hour about... well.. STUFF. Then we did STUFF. (ern Ying and Sharon, nudge nudge you know what I mean hehe) and then we called the guys up and talked to all of them about nonsense. Then we were so jobless that we sent messages to two guys each simultaneously. Honestly, my hubby and my slave dont give me much face. Everyone replied Sharon and Ernie (WHAT THE MA DE) at the same time but i got nothing. So sad right. people just hate me. :( Anyway. YEaH. I really enjoyed myself, despite doing practically nothing. And wasting my phone credit. Hmm. yeah. And mixing with juvenile delinquents. and seeing girl's bras. Honestly, They may think its very sexy, but it just looks sloppy. I dont want to see your bloody bra, woman. Next time just come naked then. Who cares, right? Sheesh. So yeah thats about it and im going to watch a movie now. Or maybe I should just open my window and yell loudly and see which neighbour's lights come on first. or eat many apples and throw the apple cores at my opposite neighbours window. hmmm. Yes. Sounds good.

Off to eat apples.
beb and boob
i mean bob

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