Monday, March 2, 2009


Apparently my last angst-ridden, ranting post wasnt enough to INFORM people about the current state Im in.

So here we go again.
See here people.
I KNOW, yes IM PAINFULLY AWARE that im of a much larger size than most/some say even ALL of the Malaysian students my age. Yes. Classmates, whatever mates, YES. I AM LARGER THAN YOU. I KNOW, too, that I am FAT. YES. F-A-T, get that. IN ADDITION, I also DO KNOW that ALLLLLLL MALAYSIAN GIRLS are SMALLER sized and slimmer than me.
OH YES, i know. I know i know i know.
SO why the freaking sunnufagon, WHY, do you have to point it out to me?
I mean, what do you EXPECT me to say, or DO?
If I dont have a problem with it, why do YOU have a problem with it?
Does my LARGENESS/ FATNESS distract you? Reduce your IQ? OR EVEN cause pigs to sprout wings and FLAP them in ur face? or maybe fatness is now contagious?
click here to understand: (
What EXACTLY do you want me to say in reply?
Person: My my. You have broad shoulders.
Sarah: @#$@%@@#$@%#$&$^##%#
Is that it????
Person: Oh my WORD. Sarah! ur so large, fat and fiddly!!
Sarah: Why, THANK YOU, you very observant eejit! Here, have a hundred dollars for being so VERY informative!!!!!!
Person: Well. I would VERY much like to insult you since I have no life. Hence, I would just like to let you know that you're absolutely huge!!
Sarah: *takes the insult well*, *grins chummily*, yeah.. u know. Im always huge and stuff. HahaaHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Its always the third case for me.
I mean, what ELSE can i do right?
Shun them. Stone them..
Those are the choices playing over and over again in my mind.
It usually settles for "SLICE THEIR NECKS" but I somehow never get to that.
Im pretty busy, you know.
Wont be wanting blood on my hands, now WOULD I?

So why dont you just LEAVE me alone before you leave this earth a LITTLE too early.
Deal with it.

just freaking deal with it.

I havent studied Chemistry cuz' im here wanting to rip off people's heads.
On the other hand................

An UNEXPECTED phone call from someone UNEXPECTED just made my day. well. the one HOUR thats left of my day. >_>

You know who you are! Dont worry about it. I wasnt actually talking about you.
but thanks for showing me that not all guys are bloody BASTARDS and that some can have a conscience.
Wait, I shouldnt be thanking you.
the whole MALE generation should be thanking you for not making me lose faith in the male race and then convincing all girls to shun guys.
I can be very influential. Yes I can.

I still hate boys.
But yeah.
All's cool as long as you dont stoke the fire.
:) sunnufagonna.


WanAmalyna said...

you poor thing la, i don't get it.
i honestly 1000000000000000000% dont think you're fat! i admit there ARE people who i think ARE, but ur definately not one of them!
People just point it out to them cause their mean. probably they think u take it well? i dunno.
Its not very nice.
So yea. You're NOT k? NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT!!!!
Never say it again.

Colleen said...

Yea, yea!!i get ur feeling!! As if i dunno i m fat... if u are nt too close with sumone.. n tat person said tat to u.. its kinda insulting then a joke. its nt funny to crack joke that is born to be like this. we ppl have the GENE!! if sumone very close with us.. it should be okay, coz most of the time we are IMMUNE to them!!