Wednesday, December 13, 2006

name the toap

Help, help, help.

I'm making my own MP3 player for blogs, and I need a name for it.

Right now its codenamed toap (which stands for "Totally Original Audio Player"). I need a proper name when I release it, so...

Name it for me, please.

Pretty please.

All participants who name it will get licensed to use it on their blog.

This player thingy can shuffle play a list of songs you create and upload to a server, such as MediaMAX, which gives you free 25GB to put ANYTHING on the web for private or public use. It is capable of showing media info such as song title and artist. Pausing and skipping is possible too.

I also need people who are willing to test it for me. Testers will also be licensed to use the player =)

P.S. Leave your name suggestion as a comment, otherwise it doesn't count.

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