Friday, December 15, 2006


PHOBIAS ARE NEXT! For now cookies! Then hong kong! then CHRISTMAS! YAY YAY YAY!! but i hope this stupid menstrual cycle doesnt spoil my vacation. Forgive me for talking so freely about it but we learn it in Science DONT we?? So.. keep ur heads together. Presenting.. the cookie post!! I wanna call it vibratao!!! Tho it sounds.. oddly out of place? just called it T-toap-4u. its cool. really. i tink.
COOKIES!! i just made some with help from my sis yesterday morning.. We werent really sure that we were doing it correctly, but i think we did fine.. cos the cookies are YUMMY!!! ESPECIALLY with milk! mmm... the first batch was like chain cookies cos we put too many into one pan and didnt think it was gonna expand so much.. So i immediately made the socnd bath of cookies lose weight,, but they still touched each other,, then the third bath was all nice and perfectly round and finally the last were my own customized cookies!! And i put sprinklers, chocolate chips and one love heart for each cookie!!Whee! Pictures.. pictures..presenting..the CHAINED COOKIES! then the commercialized ones, then the edited commercialized one, then the customized ones! sorry, they are a bit outta alignment. just look! After the cookies with coffee for tea are the LATEST baked cookies!! Made LOADS! ENJOY!

this is my mom, the professional baker of the house. I helped her bake them!! THANKS MOM!


JingTao said...

random fact - "toap" will make cookies too!!

sartay sarah said...

sheesh, u just RUB it in dont u.. GO on,, kill us with ur LAME random facts!! lol.. :D