Saturday, December 16, 2006


Chapter 1:

ok~~ its has been so LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG since i've last blogged.

yall know why?

1. camp(s)

2. outing(s)

3. gathering

4. holiday trip(s)

5. busy chatting(n not blogging when on9)

6. trying to finish all my downloads(this makes my comp LAG)

7. waiting for the disc(s) from both camps to fly over to my house


Chapter 2:

ok~~ i've been in 1U for 8 consecutive hours on the 9th December, which was about 1hour b4 i posted this.

i bought :

1. clothes (duh, what else?)

i went :

1. tamiya (have to pass by that shop cz its on the way up from the parking, had a glance at those small cars i used to have)

2. Reebok (sis got a small lil blue bag pack, mum bought herself a track bottom-for ladies.)

3. Studio R (i got a blue kinda-thick nautica jacket, sis bought tennis ball(s), mum bought another long pants.)

4. Nike (no nice shirts, yet, and i saw a STUPID THING! - the belt, simple, a metal thing n a NIKE logo carved on it, costs RM499.crazy.)

5. Adidas (wanted to get a sling bag but, the price, horrible.)

6. Robert Harris's cafe (had tea-break there, bought a vanilla smoothy.)

7. Secret Recipe (had breakfast/lunch there, ate the macceroni mushroom cheese-yucks.)

8. Zara (mum spent 2hours there, bought ALOT of clothes there, i got two from there ^^ damn nice!! sis got a long pants from the Kids section - shes still small, yet bullying me.)


Chapter 3:

My Wishlist:

1. iPod Nano - sky blue colour if they have, i hope they make one for me~ -minghui stop dreaming-

2. a new Sony Ericsson phone - walkman, of course.

3. I WANT LONG LIFE!!!!!!!!!! - bullshit.

4. a birthday party on my 16th birthday. - dream on, mum wont let me, her reason~very mafan, me~bullshit-

5. a personal camera, with 20MEGAPIXEL!! CAN ZOOM TILL I CAN SEE UR MUCUS!!

6. those kids out there, starving, i WISH i could share my food with you, sincerely.

7. those ppl out there, who needs a kidney/bone marrow/anything i can give and not die after i do so, you're SO WELCOME TO CALL ME AT - 012-3912199(1 line, 24/7 on-call)

8. no more war - Bush i hope you're reading this.

9. peace - please..

10. am i being too greedy? having so many this isnt counted as one!


Chapter 4:

sleep! bye! till the disc(s) arrives..



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