Saturday, December 9, 2006

Upcoming Coup Campaign

Fellow coups,

It is time, for us to rise up from the blog-o-sphere.

It is time, for us to be heard by others.

It is time, that we emerged from the large number of team blogs as one of the victorious.

It is time, to launch our Campaign!

yessie dears. i have planned a total coup campaign to promote our dear lil' Blogger blog. During the campaign period, everyone must:
  • Place a link to here on their own blogs
  • Post at least ONE digest of this blog on their own blog per week
  • Come up with a logo design for this blog
  • Think up a slogan for this blog
  • And anything else that can show your coup!
Provided that everyone agrees to this campaign, leave a comment with this post and we shall begin as soon as possible.

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