Thursday, December 7, 2006

my life recently ^_^

so here goes...thisok.. could get boring! yeterday got piano recital like all of u noe...and it was so bad! i was the second or third 1 and the first person playing my own composition which sucks comparing with the others! and the title for my piece also sucks and like berat sebelah cause the teacher named it for me 'melody for mum'. anywayz, when i was sitting down there my heart was beating so fast like it will pop out, ripped for my chest any moment! and i was so pale! but luckily i survived and i only had to play 1 piece while other ppl played 2 cos not enough time...wakakakakakaka..!! XD

the house was nice though and the ppl were friendly n after that we went to klcc!! rich ppl shopping centre n got scolded by mum all because i said 'haiyoh, go klcc ah, i cannot afford the things there..too expensive!' which is true!! cos she said until i'm suppose to buy my dad's b'day present there! den we ate nice dinner!! better then the everyday food...hehe

well, langkawi was fun n relaxing! n i told u i'm not sure whether it is ivan or not..maybe it's his long lost twin or evil twin or a clone! hehe...maybe someone should ask him to be clear! hmm...anywayz, why u (jason) call me?? and can't believe u understand what my maid!! hehe..
ok, that's all i have to say..boring rite? =p

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