Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Well since happy was talking bout her "favourite guys" - i'll talk about my favourite brand.


But wait, I haven finish yet. Playboy's apparel la... apparel as in clothing... geddit? wat you think i go buy Playboy magazine one ah?

This is the new one!

The older one.. but nicer!

Yes, i noe happy is oledi yucks-ing as soon as she read this

Nice leh? Playboy shirts a lot cheaper and a lot NICER than Body Glove you noe. But have to wait until sale lor. Otherwise spend RMxxx to buy one shirt ah... no way. Not my style. Must be less than 50, best around 30 or even less... then can buy a lot at once mah. Agree or not? Not like some people ah, go buy Body Glove, spend over 100+ at once buy only one or two shirts, some more join member only get 10% discount hoh... heeeheehee... ya lor, i sound like i'm jealous hor? No la... as long as comfortable can oledi lor

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