Wednesday, December 13, 2006

LATEST BATEST wheee from meee

MY AIR-CON GOT FIXED!!!! and it doesnt make any WEIRD clanking, buzzing, knocking or shrieking noises!! and its COLD!!! but the time it took for it to be fixed and work involved... LONG. And i had to stay there and watch em.. for like.. AGES. i was not bored.. i mean how can u be bored watching two guys fixing a air-con?? Not very. i was TIRED!!!! well,, here are the pics,, i didnt want to take too many cos you know, its EMBARRASING to take pictures of guys fixing air-cons unless u want them to think u like them or uve never seen an air-con being fixed before. Actually. ive never. AND my IKEA SNAKE my moms good fren from singapore bought for meeee!!!
and tang yuen pics here from TELUK INTAN!!!! Wooooo.. oh, tao, can u align the last two pics for me ? thanks!! I LOVE MY SNAKYYY!! and yummy tang yuen!!

this is the two guys standing outside MY bedroom fixing.. notice the middle window?? its problematic. needs to be sent into rehab. but the air-con guys fixed em for me!! :D No railing.. oh wait..the railing is here!! TWO RIBBONS!!

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