Monday, December 11, 2006

yang dimarahkan.

Well well well.. here i am back again soon to go to hong kong on the 17th!!!!! And my lil bro' a bit doinked in the head doesnt want to go and instead go and sleep overnight in my cousin's house.. My guess is that its a fancy sorta thing. I always find something to fight with him about. AND tan-tan-tan-tan... i shall be turning over to a new leaf! ( if i dont seem greener than before, please notify me so i can bring out my chlorophyll in new light.) That shall not be elaborated. ANYHoos,, i dont understand why people say " You deserved that. You ASKED for it." Its not as if i went up to them and put up BIG ROUND PUPPY DOG EYES and said in a honey-coated voice " Would u PWEASE gimme a huge whopping whack on my bum so i wont be able to sit for days?? PWEASE???" but of course. that was not what happened. And yea. i admit.. sometimes i DO deserve the scolding, ( there was not whacking involved.) but i never literally ASK for it. haih.. cheeky me. And why do they say to you "Dont try to be smart" when all i ever DO is try to be LAME. i dont try to be LAME just for the sake of feeling LAME.. its just.. SMART? i mean.. COME ON........ Oh, here is the notice.
Whoever can make my brother want to go to Hong Kong Disneyland rather than to cuzzins house will be awarded a reward of a 100.
Thats the notice...So i want FEEDBACK.. im sure everyone is crazy bout a 100 RIGHT?? And seriously.. i WILL give u a hundred.. Oh. gtg now...duty calls. Tho im not really sure what DUTY im talking bout here..topping up on the stomas? Oh. i forgot to add a question after i said ud be awarded a 100.. The question is... "would u like the 100 to be dead or alive?" *snort*
i put this on my blog. HAPPY???? feeling in the mood for being super SARCASTIC. Im brilliant at that. Oh, but i SURE dont want to hurt anyones FEELINGS. And Michelle, i like christmas only because God was born on that day and presents. haw. haw. haw.

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