Monday, December 18, 2006

my favourite guys!! =)

well, well, well, since i didn't post for such a long time...(maybe not that long) i'll do something different then crapping some old grandma stories. goes! down below are pictures of all my favourite guys!! yippee!! from school?? definitely NOT! hahhaha...

guy number one...Oooooooo
Chad Michael Murray

guy number two! Aaaaaaaaaa
Wang Lee Hom

guy number three! Waaaaaaaaaaa

Ron Ngguy number four....(drooling..)

Steven Gerarrd

guy number five! *fainted*
Channing Tatum

well, there's a lot more but i'm too sleepy n tired! so good nitez! merry christmas n happy new year!! XD

ps. i need to know something u guys which is...are u guys going to do the school holiday homework?? REPLY A.S.A.P.!!

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JingTao said...

omg-you seriously got nothing else to write issit?

What holiday homework, btw?