Monday, December 11, 2006


mood: totally bored!
listening to: these walls by Teddy Geiger (great song!)

well, i'm so boooooooooooooooooored!! very busy also but definitely bored like crazy. everyday i'll be sleeping at 2a.m. and waking up at 12 p.m. and now i'm thinking what will happen when school starts cause i won't be getting this much sleep! hmm...guess i should enjoy my 11-12 hours of sleep right now! hehe =D

i'm so 'lucky' too! since the stoopid school didn't give the book list, i end up wrapping my sis books for her! totally unfair!! and i still have 12 books more!! haihz...and i need to finish doing my form 3 books!! (so embrassing!) ppl starting doing f4 n i'm still stuck at f3! hehe

and now i'm updating my calender too! for next year so i'll TRY to get my fwens presents! and it a lot!! about 20++ including all the small little children! MY MONEY!! ohya, n i'm also planning what ppl should give me for my b'day! well, i've ask my mum if ppl give me dog , whether i can keep it or not...n (sob sob) she say she will find a way to get rid of it! so now planning about asking ppl to get me a tortoise!! hehe! hmm...see who will be my victim!! haha...

part of me can't wait for the new year but another part of me is afraid of school and all! and i'm not as excited about christmas as alison n sarah it because i'm older now?? but i really like the feeling of believeing in santa claus last time cause he will always gimme what i want until i found out it was my mum aka. santarina all along. now it's just a burden especially decorating the christmas tree..cos it NOT a family thing..its more like me decorating it myself and taking everything off myself! hmph!

that's all for now folks..just gonna copy n paste this in the other blog..i so totally lazy too!
ohya! our malaysia's men doubles badminton team totally ROCKS!!!
ps: alison if u r reading this...tell me when u r on9 cos i need to ask u totally important questions n can't actually say it out..using my mouth! hehe! thx! =D

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