Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally. A Proper Post.

With Proper Capitalization Of Words. aahhaa okay going too far. Rewind.
Im obsessed with The Theif by Brooke Fraser right now.
And my skin is recovering slowly... You dont want to know what happened to it.
Im still waist-deep in homework that I have yet to finish. I suppose all that will have to wait till this week's tests are over. Now that I mention that, I have realized that I have not yet studied Chemistry. Plus, I still have Physics graphs to draw and annotations to write for English! How did ALL that creep up behind me?? I was only sick for a week and I already feel world-weary and ready to kneel under the increasingly building pressure.. And I dont even know pressure to do WHAT! I have started my intensive piano lessons, so far it has been pretty eye-opening. Guitar has been put away on a shelf to collect dust, meanwhile. I was riding in the car one sunny day and this really super catchy tune formed in my head only to be dashed away when my dad blasted his soprano version of Italian opera on his sound system. I felt an incredible sense of loss. It cannot be explained.
I feel like I have aged, thanks to my sickness. Also, there was once I had this REALLY descriptive and creative paragraph written in my head but I have now also forgotten it. Another sense of significant loss. If I keep doing this, I will surely drive myself crazy. Better bring a notebook with me everywhere and jot down the ideas that randomly pop up in my head at inappropriate times. Why am I not doing all the homework I have earlier mentioned? Because I need time to unwind right now, and just sift through the clogged-up thoughts in my head.. Once this load is out, another one comes tumbling in, but at least the flow is there. My sister is going back soon. This time, I find myself minding it. It's probably because now that she has finally become slightly better (concerning her eating habits) , she's a lot less crabby than she was before and no one can make me laugh like my sister can. Im often known as the joker, the clown but its not often that I find people that can make me laugh. Only a few of them and one major contributor is my sister. Im gonna miss her alot. Sigh. Why do people have to leave, right? Oh, and plus that, this sickness I have has made my diaphragm spasmodic. Now when I start laughing, I cant stop for ages. Even if the joke isnt that funny, I wont be able to stop laughing. I discovered that in college when Jimmy made a lame comment in an indifferent tone. I was laughing away like some poor humour-neglected human. Honestly, Ive always thought that my sense of humour was pretty off, but that was the last straw. I suppose everyone thought I was really weird. Happened again today.. AND right now I realize another thing.. I am able to type a whole load of crap in just a short time, hence, everything above!! Once I start I wont be able to stop, it seems.
Im going to stop now.
Bebs and bobs. IM feeelingggg much better. :D Thanks to those who smsed and called!! huggoes.

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