Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ive got too much to say.

Okay so this is going to be a little compilation of all the things I found funny during my Chinese New Year holidays..

1. So at my Eiei's house, I had the opportunity to watch three movies, namely Hancock, The Hulk and Iron Man (again..). So while I was watching The Hulk in all his green glory, we reached a scene where another freak had been created through the help of some really ghastly chemicals. That freak was subtitled as an abomination. The freak monster that was battling against The Hulk laughed an evil laugh. And the subtitles showed : (Abomination laughing)
That set me off giggling like a fool during the climax. Made my dad irritated lol. Dont ask me why I found it funny.. I have a really odd sense of humour.

2. I went to The Store (yes its really called that, the shopping mall in Teluk Intan I mean. Talk about lack of creativity..) and saw a pin-up advertisement advertising handbags that would supposedly stop snatch thieves from doing away with your handbag! When the snatch thief snatched your handbag, WALA! the strap will pull off from the body of your handbag and the stupid thief will run away only grasping the strap!!! It got me thinking, what if, JUST what if, the thief grabbed the body of your handbag instead????
YOU'd be left standing there like a stupid fool, holding the strap.

3. In Teluk Intan, my whole family had to share a room because there were basically three families under my uncle's one-storey house. Only three rooms.. So my Eiei and Eliau and their son slept in one room, their daughter and her family slept in one room and my family in another. I kind of dislike sleeping with my family. You know why? I can never sleep in. And its usually because of my father. He would poke me with his feet and throw blankets and pillows over me and my sister's faces (usually me, as I have a notorious record for sleeping like a log) so I get really annoyed. One morning, my father was doing the usual, slapping me, kicking me and throwing stuff at me. I yelled at him to stop, and held out my hand in the stop sign.. You know? the stop sign? when you put out your whold hand,, all five fingers stretched out? Yeah I did that.
and you know what my father did? He high-fived me. >_> Talk about weird..

4. Another morning. I walked blearily out of the room to the bathroom. Wanting to wash my face, I headed for the sink which is outside the bathroom. Before I could turn the tap, my eyes landed upon something inside the sink. A pair of dentures. Then my Eliau hurriedly came and started apologizing hastily in Chinese. Acting as if seeing a pair of dentures in the sink was the MOST normal thing in the world, I shrugged it off and went to the kitchen to wash my face. Though after that I kind of freaked. And brushed my teeth with more care.

5. I went jogging with my family immediately after coming back from Teluk Intan. (pretty crazy but everyone in my family is health freaks except me. Ever wondered why? )Btw, first things first, I met JIMMY! Jogging and panting, he was the very picture of health. But he saw me looking like crap. >_> so hurrah. Anyway. There was this guy in his mid 30's jogging in front of me.. After a while of looking at him, I realised something.
He was hot, right before he put on those shorts.
I mean, those shorts were the most hideous things i had ever seen. Made of those tracksuit type of material, it was a striking yellow with purple dots right up the side. Plus, they were really short. I mean, he probably came out of the house in his boxers and thought it was alright to give everyone else eye-ache. Even if it WERE his boxers, how could his wife take it? Ugh.

6. Okay, do this:
Say "Pitt, I am Stew" alot of times. Keep saying it till you understand what you are saying. Do not take note of the conjunction and just keep saying that sentence in a monotonous tone. Thanks.

7. My mom read out an SMS and I thought she was talking to me. Im too lazy to elaborate on that. But I felt pretty foolish when I found out.

8. We went to eat at a restaurant famous for its Mee Sua dish after coming back from Teluk Intan before going jogging. Its at Menjelara Taman Desa, somewhere in that area. There was a Filipino ( i think) waiter there.. As I walked out, I stood up and headed for the entrance. He so happened to be standing at the entrance too. As I approached him, his mouth formed a perfect 'O' as he gawked at me. I honestly think it was my height that shocked him. Cuz he was pretty short lah... The diameter of that 'O' kept widening steadily as I neared him. The sound that escaped his lips sounded something like "Woooaaahh.......!!!!" Yeap. It was then I realized that TRULY, REALLY, that I wasnt tall. HE was just REALLY short. HEHEHE.

thats it folks. bebs and bobs. pictures as usual LATER. VV party noww!! woots.

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